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2 Dec

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Cookery School director Jordon McGinnis

Cookery School director Jordon McGinnis

Jordon McGuiniss has been surrounded by food all his life. The Waring House Cookery director grew up on a dairy & cattle farm in Prince Edward County. His grandmother was an enthusiastic vegetable gardener and passed on some of her ways around the kitchen. Game hunting was practised in the family so cleaning and preparation of fresh meat was a skill he learned early. Jordon’s work in the produce department of a local store was a natural fit when he was younger.

Many of the Cookery School’s suppliers today are people that Jordon has known for years. This provides a level of trust and reliability that he can rely on – always assured of getting the best quality product. One of his biggest vegetable suppliers, Ed Taylor, is in the field every day. They’ve known each other for years and it’s common to put in a custom order for the Cookery School… “Can you get me 50lb of golf-ball-size potatoes by Thursday?”. No problem.


One of Jordon’s classes consisted of an excursion to Ed’s farm to pick fresh Yukon Golds, then back to class to make poutine with Black River cheese curds and pulled beef. Yum! The freshness of the ingredients makes all the difference.

Cookery School Burger“I like classes where we take something simple like a burger & fries and deconstruct it. Every aspect of the recipe affects the final product – we grind our own meat, we make our own brioche buns & mayonaise, even ketchup. If tomatoes are not in season, we use canned plum tomatoes.  Dark brown russets are good for fries but I also like Yukon Golds and their golden colour. With potatoes you can cut them by hand if you want to work on your knife skills, but I like to get my students using a mandolin,or the french fry press.”

A couple of Jordan’s tricks-of-the trade include seasoning – taste as you cook, and knife skills- keep them sharp.


Themed Waring House Cookery classes are held Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. (Peter, pls link bold to If you want to book a special class for a group of friends or a team-building session for work, contact the Waring House Inn & Cookery (please link bold to

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The Waring House Cookery School is a hands-on recreational cooking class that takes interested students of any level and shows them tips and tricks to making professional quality food.

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