Why Our Group Chose The Waring House

25 Mar

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a testimonial by Ronald Lee, Waring House Inn Guest, 2013

“First let me give you a bit of background about our group. Our group consists of 20 – 30 people. We are all friends and family.

We have been getting together for one weekend a year in late October for over 30 years under the guise of having a game tournament. Our youngest member is 11, our oldest are in their late 60’s.

Our members are mainly in the GTA but we do have some who come from Niagara-on-the-Lake in the west and Ottawa in east so location is important.

We have spent the majority of the 30 years in the St. Jacob’s/Elora area, but a few years ago we decided we wanted to try another part of southern Ontario.

Our group has a great variety of interests because of the large age range.

Shopping, dining and unique experiences top the list.

My wife and I had spent some time in the Picton area so we knew about the Waring House and also what was available in the area.

Our experience with the Waring House has been excellent.

Some of the criteria for our group to get together are:

  • We need to be in the same building. This just allows us to talk and get caught up with each other. For some of us this is the only time we see each other in the year.
  • We need a large area to set up our games tables for the tournament.
  • Cost is a factor as well. With the range of people that we have it is important that everyone be able to afford to come.
  • A convenient dining location is important because we all get together for dinner on the Saturday night.
  • Lots of unique shopping and dining options.

We first contacted Ashley and we arranged to come out and see the accommodations. We explained our needs ( tables, chairs, etc.) to her and nothing was an issue. When we arrived for our weekend everything was waiting for us.

All of the staff that we have had contact with, from the reception to the maintenance to the wait staff, have gone out of their way to make our stay as enjoyable as possible.

Some of our members are very discerning about where they stay, but we have had no issues with anyone.

The shopping and dining that is available in the Picton, Bloomfield area is excellent.

We have people that are into art and antiques, others that like the wine, beer and alcohol tasting and still others that are looking for clothing or cooking accessories.

We are all into varied dining experiences from vegetarian to hot dogs and burgers.

Prince Edward County has it all.

One of the things that is most important to our group is the feeling of being home when we are together. The Waring House gives us that.

It feels like home. We can relax, talk, laugh and just enjoy each other’s company for a weekend.

I am very proud of the tradition that we have of getting together and it is of the utmost importance to me that where we stay and what we do be as enjoyable as possible for everyone. Waring House and Prince Edward County are providing all of that. “

 While writing a meeting post for the Waring House Inn & Cookery, I wanted to find someone who had stayed at the Waring House with a group who would be willing to share their experiences. Ronald Lee, who was at the Waring House Inn last year with a group of family and friends, agreed to speak with me. The above testimonial is a copy of an email he sent me based on three questions I asked:

  • Why did you choose the Waring House and Prince Edward County?
  • Did location play a role?  
  • What did the family do during their stay at the inn? 

I would like to personally thank Mr. Lee for taking the time to send me his thoughts and for allowing me to share them with others.

Judy aka @Boomergirl50,  CANADA travel blogger

Meet Me in Prince Edward County

25 Mar

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Meeting planners are the latest to discover Prince Edward County.

Location, location, location. Ashley Gauthier who organizes meetings at the Waring House Inn & Cookery says her inn’s location between Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal is why meeting planners first call her. “But they book with us because of what we and the County can offer,” says Gauthier. Recent testimonial from Waring House guest, Ronald Lee, would suggest Gauthier is right.


Prince Edward County is minutes away from Ontario’s Highway 401, but you would never know it. Combine its pastural setting on Lake Ontario with its food and wine culture and great outdoors and it’s easy to see why meeting planners like the place. The Waring House Inn, for its part, serves small to medium-sized groups best. It has three meeting spaces.

Waring Hall Meeting Space

Accommodation choices include fully-accessible suites. The kitchen emphasizes local and can meet gluten-free, vegetarian and other food requests but what really sets the Waring House apart, is its hands-on Cookery classes, plein air art classes and its county location – smack dab in the middle with everything to see and do just minutes away. Groups can rent bikes and cycle back roads to County wineries, hike local trails, take a tour of a craft brewery or cidery or visit local cheese-makers. A beach picnic at the County’s famous Sandbanks Provincial Park is easy to arrange or a hunt for local antique and artisan finds.

Prince Edward County Cycling sandbanks

A themed Waring House Cookery class or a plein-air art class led by one of two Waring House resident artists, are often worked into itineraries as team-building exercises. The cookery chef can even theme a local foraging adventure to a hands-on cooking class. His poutine-making class is a good example. Groups begin it at a neighbouring farm where they harvest their own potatoes before heading back to the Cookery to make poutine with fresh cheese curds from a local dairy and gravy they make from scratch. The best part of any cookery class, of course, is chowing down the fruits of one’s labour.

The Barley Room

The Barley Room at The Waring house

The County Burger at The Barley Room

The County Burger at The Barley Room

A group’s favourite evening hangout is usually the Waring House’s Barley Room which locals frequent too. But if a group wants a more formal dining option, they can book the chef’s four-course tasting menu featuring local wines and eat in their own private dining room.

A Waring House meeting kit has more information or contact Ashley Gauthier directly, ashley@waringhouse.com.

Prince Edward County and the Waring House are popular with wedding parties too.

The Waring House Cookery School is a hands-on recreational cooking class that takes interested students of any level and shows them tips and tricks to making professional quality food.

Get the most up to date listings about upcoming live acts playing in The Barley Room. Live music most Wednesdays - Saturdays and Sundays on Long Weekends.

Package a stay at the Waring House with dining, cookery school classes or other activities. Let us turn your stay with us into an experience to remember.

The Waring House is the perfect venue for a storybook country wedding. We create custom packages tailored to your needs and budget.