Cookery School Class Schedule


salmon fillet Sunday classes start at 10:30 am. Wednesday classes start at 5:30 pm. Classes last approximately 3 hours. Classes include a meal unless otherwise stated.

Sun. Dec. 28
Pickerel, Dressed Up for the Holidays

We love pickerel here in the County and showcasing its potential at this time of the year is appropriate. We’ll start with a consommé with pickerel quenelles and a brunoise of root vegetables, Crab encrusted pickerel, oven roasted, accompanied by spiced local acorn squash, onion and roasted russets. Apple tarte tatin  to finish, we like apples and they’re abundant now.  See you there.

Wed. Jan. 7, Sun. Jan 11
Pub Night

We own a brewery, so steak and ale pie it’s going to be, a traditional pub fare to be sure. Fish and chips with tartare sauce, and yes real chips too. Welsh rarebit from my ancestral beginnings with cheese from down at Black River Cheese here in the County.  Of course sticky toffee pudding is the way to finish up. We have beer too, and I’m excited about this class, see you there.

Wed. Jan. 14, Sun. Jan 18
Home-made Ravioli

You’re going to go away with the skill to make home-made pasta in less than 10 minutes.  Then make 3 dishes and the ability to have dinner ready in less than 30 minutes. Carbonara anyone, 3 cheese ravioli and no pasta class is complete without an arrabbiata with sausage.  See you there.

Wed. Jan. 21
Hearty Winter Fare (including more plant foods into your family meals)

Well it’s winter so we’ll start with a leek and white bean soup, with herbs and garlic. Sage roast with Yorkshires, really, yes! And since apples are everywhere in the County, we’ll make an apple tart with brulee’d meringue, yes we’ll be getting the torch out. Be there.

Sun. Jan 25, Wed. Jan. 28
Superbowl Party Primer

Be prepared for the ultimate Superbowl party (game day is Feb. 1). We’ll cover all the snacks and hors d’oeuvres you’ll need to get you through the big game in style.

Sun. Feb. 1, Wed. Feb 4
The Quintessential Steak

You’ll learn about the different cuts and doneness and how to cook steak correctly. Also a tutorial in quick pan sauces that enhance your steak experience.  Today we’ll use flank steak and wonder why you haven’t cooked with this cut more often and of course tenderloin, the king of steaks. We’ll also prepare a few seasonal side dishes, including roast potatoes with duck fat. My mouth is watering, be there.

Sun. Feb 8, Wed. Feb. 11
Chinese 101 – Stir Frying

We’ll discuss the basic fundamentals of stir fries and why Teflon woks are only made in China, and never used. We’ll use the velveting technique and proper ingredients that separate real Chinese food from the imposters. Kung pao chicken from Sichuan Provence and my 2 favorites, beef with broccoli and crispy beef. Of course we’ll also cook rice to perfection. Let’s turn up the heat and get cooking.

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