Cookery School Class Schedule

salmon fillet Sunday classes start at 10:30 am. Wednesday classes start at 5:30 pm. Classes last approximately 3 hours. Classes include a meal unless otherwise stated.


Sunday April 26th and Wed. April 29th
Chicken and the Sum of its Parts
Chicken is so overused today. Prolific health misinformation seems point people to highly processed and tasteless boneless skinless chicken breast. Well, not today. Today we’ll discuss that misinformation and use parts unknown to a whole generation of cooks or reintroduce you to cooking the outer regions of the bird. Join me in celebrating the fabulousness that is the chicken.

Sunday May 3rd and Wed. May 6th
We were reluctant to showcase pizza for the lack of a wood burning oven but, considering the quality of store bought and takeout pizza in general, we’re very confident that we elevate the pie to a higher place so we’ll never have to resort to those alternative choices, if we so desire. Let’s face it, it’s all about the ingredient and of course about the heat, so let’s turn it up and make some pies.

Sunday May 10th and Wed. May 13th
You won’t find any low calorie processed cheese specimens here, just the real deal that can be enjoyed in moderation without guilt. We’ll start the class with some cheese on a crostini with mushroom, just to get you in the mood. Meanwhile you’ll be making ricotta from scratch. Yes, making your own cheese. We’ll involve some pasta in the class and stuff some into prepared vegetables and make a soufflé with some blue from Italy that will go well with the red wine poached pears and caramelized walnuts we’re going to serve with it. See you there.

Sunday May 17th and Wed. May 20th
Asparagus, the Anticipated Crop of Spring in the County
We’ve been guilty of never using asparagus except this time of year when showcasing or serving asparagus in its basic form and also been guilty of getting down on my hands and knees and eating a stalk without harvesting it, yup, that’s right, pure ecstasy. So we’re excited to be able to have a class dedicated to that noble vegetable. There will be meat and cheese involved so it’s not just consuming asparagus folks. Join us.

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