Cookery School Class Schedule

salmon fillet Sunday classes start at 10:30 am. Wednesday classes start at 5:30 pm. Classes last approximately 3 hours. Classes include a meal unless otherwise stated and are $115/pp (plus gratuity & taxes)

The Cookery School prides itself on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. As the growing seasons can be unpredictable, the following schedule may change if the foods featured are not available on the date advertised.



Sunday Oct 2 – Butter Tarts
Feel the love for this sweet, decadent little tart. So much so that we have dedicated an entire class to perfecting each and every delectable morsel. So come enjoy and walk away with the perfect technique and recipe – that will get passed on generations to come.

Wednesday Oct 5 – Indian Cuisine
Spicy, buttery, sweet, salty, sour or all of the above! This class will make authentic Indian cooking easy, approachable and fun! Be guided through spices, techniques and the culture of Indian cuisine so you can create healthy Indian meals at home with delicious results.

Sunday Oct 9 – Fall Baking
Warm up with some of our best fall baking recipes! From fall breads to baked apples, fall desserts  – we will be showcasing recipes for baking with your favourite autumn ingredients – think  pumpkins, apples, squash and sweet potatoes – YUM!

Wednesday Oct. 12 – Braising
It’s a well-kept kitchen secret: Braising makes heroes out of weekend cooks. There is no other technique that asks so little yet gives so much back. Find out the steps that will fill your house with the most tempting of scents and elicit ooh-la-la-la’s from your dinner guests.

Sunday Oct. 16 –  Gnocchi
In this will show you the secrets to making gnocchi from scratch! Learn to make amazing gnocchi as well as multiple sauces to accompany. You’ll be yearning to visit Italy after spending time cooking with this Italian delight.

Sunday Oct. 23 – Custards
These cooked mixtures of milk or cream and egg yolks are at the heart of many classic desserts. Come and learn the basic principles and art of sweet and savoury custards. These classics will soon become your favourite go to!

Wednesday Oct. 26 – German Cuisine
Forget all those preconceived notions about German food being  the heavy and hearty bounty! Learn how to modernize  traditional German food.  The one thing that hasn’t changed though is that you will be reaching for a frosty mug of beer to wash it down! It’s just so natural!

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