Cookery School Class Schedule

salmon fillet Sunday classes start at 10:30 am. Wednesday classes start at 5:30 pm. Classes last approximately 3 hours. Classes include a meal unless otherwise stated.

The Cookery School prides itself on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. As the growing seasons can be unpredictable, the following schedule may change if the foods featured are not available on the date advertised.


Sunday, 4 October
Baking Secrets

Wednesday, 7 October
The Perfect Turkey

With the holiday season just ahead, this refresher class will show you how to get the most of out of you holiday turkey. This class will cover brining and basic prep for the bird, a modern twist on the legs that is sure to be a hit. We’ll put together a dinner with my favourite side dish recipes to round it off. Discover different brines and turkey flavours. 3 options

Wednesday, 14 October
Crockpot Secrets

A crock pot is your secret weapon for comfort foods as the weather turns colder. This class will be your gateway to the wonderful world of braises, or what your crock pot was made for. A great stew will show the fundamentals of building deep, clean flavours, and you’ll want to fill your freezer with it. Try out some gumbo, and see the results of slow cooker pulled pork.

Sunday, 18 October
Introduction to Sous Vide

Sous Vide cooking has been a restaurant secret for years now, and we’re going to let you in on it. This class will show you how you can recreate restaurant quality meals at home with out any guess work, or worry. We will tell you all you need to know about the tools and equipment that gives you precise control over your meal. I’ll show you how good a home made steak can be, the most tender and juicy chicken you can imagine, and why this technique is so good with root vegetables.

Sunday, 25 October
Introduction to Home-made Sausages

Would you like to make your own fresh sausages at home? All you need is some fresh meat, casings, and a grinder. Come in and try your hand at some Italian, Chorizo, and breakfast sausages. We will stick to the basics using pork, but show you how to swap it out for other meats including game.

Wednesday, 28 October
Southern France SOLD OUT

The foods of Southern France are highly influenced by its closeness to the Basque region of Spain. Spices, and peppers are common ingredients here, and we will put on a great dinner of famous Provence foods for you to create and enjoy. Poached Halibut with pipperade will be the first course, followed by a duck and pork cassoulet, and lastly a classic crème caramel.

Sunday, 1 November
Sushi Basics

Wednesday, 4 November

Sunday, 15 November
Mediterranean Cuisine

Wednesday, 18 November
Best of Salmon

Sunday, 22 November
Paris Bistro

Wednesday, 25 November
Northern Italy

Sunday, 29 November
Proper Stocks and Sauces

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