Cancellation Policy

If a reservation is cancelled more than 72 hours prior to expected arrival, no charge will be made to the guest. If a reservation is cancelled with less than 72 hours notice, the guest is charged the price of a 1 night stay.

2 Night minimum

During high season (mid May until the end of October) guests arriving on a Friday or Saturday are required to book for a minimum of 2 nights. On long weekends during high season, a three night minimum is in effect.

Smoking Policy

The Waring House is pleased to offer a smoke-free environment. Please refrain from smoking in your room. If evidence of smoking is found, a $250 charge is applied to the guest’s credit card to offset the cost of carpet and drape cleaning.

Candle Policy

To protect against fire, no candles or open flame are allowed in any guest room.

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

Front Desk of Waring House is not wheelchair accessible. Please advise at time of reservation and an alternate arrangement will be made for staff to meet you at your vehicle for the check in /check out procedure or this can be completed at the Pub with prior notice.

Download our AODA policies here.


The Waring House Cookery School is a hands-on recreational cooking class that takes interested students of any level and shows them tips and tricks to making professional quality food.

Get the most up to date listings about upcoming live acts playing in The Barley Room. Live music most Wednesdays - Saturdays and Sundays on Long Weekends.

Package a stay at the Waring House with dining, cookery school classes or other activities. Let us turn your stay with us into an experience to remember.

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